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$100K to Support Teachers Working in Military Family Classrooms - Can You Help?

Hey, I've said it before and I'll say it again: teachers don't get the support and recognition that they deserve. And, too often, they're taking money from their own paychecks to support their students and their classrooms. I'm excited to announce the launch of the Almost Home Military Family Match in partnership with

The Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund (CNPF) is giving $100K to support teachers that are working with military families, but this requires your help.

The Almost Home MilFam Match will fund down every classroom project costing $1,000 or less to $98, so long as the class project contains the phrase "military families". The deal is, the CNPF will donate, and then you can just give a little bit more to make sure the project's completed and the teacher's funded.


You can visit the Almost Home MilFam Match page for more information on the projects that qualify, projects supported, students impacted, and the donors who have mobilized to make these teachers' and kids' dreams a reality. The page is a real-time picture of the classrooms supported, and you can watch the progress live.

Please note: the Almost Home MilFam Match funding is for projects in classrooms servicing military families. To qualify, your project's total cost should not exceed $1,000 (this includes the optional donation, taxes, shipping, etc.) and should include the phrase “military families”. Only one project per teacher can qualify for this offer so we can support as many teachers as possible.

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