Veterans & Military Families

As the son of a World War II veteran and as a teenager who grew up during Vietnam, Craig saw up close how badly returning vets were treated. It’s stayed with him throughout his life.

Craig believes we need to protect the people who protect our country. That means supporting servicemembers on our frontlines -- and their families at home. It also means helping these men and women after they retire from their service.

Those who wear the uniform too often can’t financially afford to continue their service as long as they’d like. It pisses Craig off that many of these families need help finding affordable housing, and that some even need occasional food assistance just to survive. Craig knows that these failures make our country less secure. And that they’re not fair.

Craig has donated more than $100 million to veteran groups nationally and in local communities. Through Blue Star Families and the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Craig has helped thousands of active-duty servicemembers, veterans and their families get the support they need during and after their service.