Craig grew up at a time when patriotism was a thing, encouraged by his Greatest Generation parents. In WW2, everyone was expected to help defend the country, here at home, and mostly overseas, where the fighting took place.

In the current cyber war, the fight is on our own shores, and we all need to play an active role for the protection of our country and ourselves.

Craig was part of the whole “duck and cover” thing, in the 50s and 60s, and realizes that we need civil defense in the cyber domain, “cyber civil defense.” This is patriotism, for regular people.

He's committed $100 million to form a Cyber Civil Defense network of groups who are starting to protect the country from cyber threats. Attacks on our power grids, our cyber infrastructure and even the internet-connected gadgets and appliances in our homes are real. If people think that’s alarmist, tell them to “Blame Craig.”

The core of Cyber Civil Defense includes groups like Aspen Digital, Global Cyber Alliance, and Consumer Reports, focusing on citizen cyber education and literacy, cyber tool development, and cybersecurity workforce programs aimed at diversifying the growing field. 

The effort, launched in 2022, has already made significant investments in Black Girls Hack, Girls Who Code, the Girl Scouts, VetsinTech, the Consortium of Cyberclinics, the Ransomware Task Force, and Shadowserver.