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How Service Dogs Are Changing Veterans' Lives

The American Heroes Charity Challenge is running right now in an effort to give money to the organizations working hard to support the people who are risking their lives for our country, and their families.

charity challenge

There are 36 nonprofits participating in the Challenge, and you can still sign up as a fundraiser to help a nonprofit raise more money.

Here are a few facts about this year's Challenge:

  • There are two past Grand Prize winners in the Challenge this year. Warrior Canine Connection and Hero Dogs both have placed first in past Challenges and are competing again in 2017. 
  • There are 35 organizations participating from 23 different States.
  • Florida and California are the most represented with 4 organizations each. 
  • The majority of organizations involved work with veterans and there are a few others that work directly with Law Enforcement.
  • 7 different organizations involve service dogs and companion animals to help veterans when they return home. 

1 bonus challenge winners

Bonus Challenge #1 awarded the 3 organizations that raised the most money online over the course of the week $1,000 each. The winners were:
  • Warrior Canine Connection - They utilizes clinically based Canine Connection Therapy to help wounded Warriors reconnect with life, their families, their communities, and each other.
  • Valor Service Dogs - They help post-9/11 wounded veterans regain their independence, return to civilian life, and maintain successful partnerships through the training and placing of mobility assistance and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) service dogs. They provide these service dogs at no cost to eligible veterans nationwide.
  • Farmer Veteran Coalition - They cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities.
Can you share this with your networks so we can support these organizations as much as possible? Thanks!

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