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How Socks Will Save the Planet

I believe in helping out folks who are already doing good work to support 'em and help create more awareness. I also like to connect orgs and help them work together. Recently, I received an email from Kitty at Socks for Seniors. Socks for Seniors is a national nonprofit community service project to help senior citizens keep their feet warm this winter. Kitty told me that she didn't want money, instead she asked that I donate socks.

Socks For Seniors and their volunteers have one priority this Holiday Season and that's to bring holiday cheer along with a pair of new socks to warm the hearts and cover the cold feet of our elderly seniors. The Socks for Seniors program benefits those living alone and in nursing homes, as well as seniors who are homeless.


They have different sock goals for each city. For example, they've got a 9000 pair goal collection of socks for the Columbus, Ohio seniors market. Socks for Seniors collects 1500-2000 socks, and they need  help obtaining another 7000 pairs - an estimate of 1,140 6 count packages. This number reflects one pair of socks per each senior in the nursing home, homeless shelter, and Meals on Wheels program that have requested help.

I happen to know Elie at Planet Sox and made the introduction between Socks for Seniors and Planet Sox. The good people at Planet Sox picked out styles they thought the seniors would really enjoy, and are shipping 29 cartons of socks to Socks for Seniors in Columbus.

The thing is, mid-way through this sock discussion, we realized there was no one donating their shipping services, so Planet Sox offered to cover this. Then, Kitty at Socks for Seniors had a conversation with New York City Meals on Wheels. They offered to house the Columbus, OH socks until Kitty can retrieve 'em.  Because of NYC Meals on Wheels' generosity, Planet Sox offered to donate an addition 45 cartons of socks to them.

NYC Meals on Wheels services 18,000 seniors with meals during the holidays and 2 million over the course of the year. These socks that are being given out are gift wrapped for these seniors receiving the meals as their holiday gift.  They think 4000 pairs is a good start but would accepted all that is gifted.

The gift of these socks for most of the seniors is the only gift they receive during the holidays. The majority of the Meals on Wheels seniors live alone.

Socks for Seniors is a National project, and they're in 500 cities. One of their next primary needs is in Los Angeles, CA, where they're seeking 10,000 pairs of socks. If you want to get even more involved, they also need volunteer sock collectors in every city.

This is the real deal, and this is what giving's really about. You don't have to have money to give back - your time, your connections, and your hands-on help is much appreciated, and really gets the job done.

Where will you be volunteering your time this year? And if you've got socks or some time and energy to donate, please contact Socks for Seniors. Thanks!

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