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How $118K+ Was Raised for the Children of Military Families

Folks, by way of, the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund (CNPF) donated $100K specifically to support teachers who are working with kids of military families.

Here's how it worked: The Almost Home MilFam Match funded down every classroom project costing $1,000 or less, down to $98, so long as the class project contained the phrase "military families." The deal is, the CNPF donated a chunk of money, then the community just had to give a little bit more to make sure the project was completed and the teacher was funded.

In less than 3 weeks, the $100K was spent helping teachers create more effective classrooms.

almost home

Here's a breakdown of what happened:

  • $100K donated
  • 13,172 students reached
  • 296 individual donors from the community
  • 106 schools reached
  • 160 projects funded in 34 states
  • 70%+ of the projects come from schools categorized as "high poverty" and "highest poverty"
  • Most funded subjects? literacy and mathematics

Here's an example of one of the classrooms we helped fund:

funded classroom

You can still help out by visiting, taking a look through all the projects that need funding, and giving back to a project that inspires you.


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