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Supporting Wikipedia: the Craig Newmark Memorial Bathroom #3

In the Game of (Porcelain) Thrones, you win... In the Game of (Porcelain) Thrones, you win...[/caption]

Folks, here's what I said six years ago, still true, and both craigslist and I are big supporters. This time the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund is supporting Wikimedia Foundation by donating a toilet to their headquarters. It's for their gender-neutral bathroom, and it's my 3rd donated latrine.

Hey, I feel Wikipedia is a really big deal, something for the ages, and I'd like you to help out.

The Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund is a proud supporter of Wikipedia, and I encourage you to make a donation to support their work too.

Wikipedia is an accomplishment of major proportions. It's become the "first draft of history."

But the work has just begun. And Wikipedia needs our financial support.

If you read it, if you edit it, if you visit it more than once a month: please join CNPF in supporting Wikipedia today.


(Please note: photo of me entering in order to "inaugurate")

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