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How to Address Issues Military Families Face in the Civilian World

Folks, I'm a big supporter of Blue Star Families and am on their board. They recently released their annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey, which provides a more complete understanding of the experiences and challenges encountered by military families.

Military families are much like their civilian neighbors. Many of these families need dual incomes to meet their financial goals, they're also concerned about pay and benefits, they worry about childcare and education, and they want to establish roots and contribute to their community for social good. The thing is, the unique demands of military service result in exceptional issues and challenges for service members and their families.

Blue Star Families conducted their 6th annual Military Lifestyle Survey in April-May, 2015 to identify contemporary issues facing milfams and to increase understanding and support of the military lifestyle. Over 6,200 military family members, including active duty service members and veterans, provided valuable insight regarding the true cost of sustaining the All-Volunteer Force.

Here's what they found...



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