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Did You Know $1 Donated to the Food Bank is Worth $5 of Food?


Hey, a coupla weeks ago, I challenged my neighbors to the SF-Marin Food Bank's Hunger Challenge. They took me up on the challenge, and shared daily updates that I posted on my own networks. I told 'em that if they finished the Challenge, I'd donate $10K to the Food Bank.

My neighbors, Teri and her family, completed the Challenge, and were even pretty transparent about their hardships. If you missed the series of updates during the Challenge, you can catch up by reading each day here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. At the end of the Challenge, Teri talked about how this isn't just a Challenge that ends for most people, and I gave the $10K to the Food Bank - money for them to provide enough food for 30,000 meals. This is really important since they serve more than 144K people each week, and do so much more...


- $1 dollar donated is equal to $5 worth of food.
- Since the challenge, they’ve had an increase in volunteers, so now they've got 30,000 folks helping out.
- They provided 47 million pounds of food last year.

Folks, the SF-Marin Food Bank had a surge in donations just before the Riverbed match ended on the 30th, ultimately exceeding their goal by a whopping $26,000. You can still give, and provide meals here. They're the real deal. Thanks!

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