How Socks Will Save the Planet

October 26, 2015

I believe in helping out folks who are already doing good work to support ’em and help create more awareness. I also like to connect orgs and help them work together. Recently, I received an email from Kitty at Socks for Seniors. Socks for Seniors is a national nonprofit community service project to help senior… Read more »

Supporting Wikipedia: the Craig Newmark Memorial Bathroom #3

October 23, 2015

Folks, here’s what I said six years ago, still true, and both craigslist and I are big supporters. This time the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund is supporting Wikimedia Foundation by donating a toilet to their headquarters. It’s for their gender-neutral bathroom, and it’s my 3rd donated latrine. Hey, I feel Wikipedia is a really big… Read more »

Did You Know $1 Donated to the Food Bank is Worth $5 of Food?

October 21, 2015

Hey, a coupla weeks ago, I challenged my neighbors to the SF-Marin Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge. They took me up on the challenge, and shared daily updates that I posted on my own networks. I told ’em that if they finished the Challenge, I’d donate $10K to the Food Bank. My neighbors, Teri and her… Read more »

7 Things to Read This Fall (A Nerd’s List)

October 12, 2015

Folks, I do a lot of reading – maybe 8 novels per month. Typically I read lots of scifi, historical mystery, and other nerdly genres. People often ask what I read, especially since I talk a lot about how I want news I can trust. Here are 7 outlets that are showing up in my feed… Read more »

Women Startup Challenge: 10 Finalists Vie for $25K at Microsoft in NYC

October 8, 2015

Folks, many of you know that I support women in tech as an initiative, but more specifically, Women Who Tech’s Women Startup Challenge. I’ve partnered with ’em to award $25K to the winner of the Challenge. It’s pretty simple…Fair’s fair, regardless of gender in tech, or it should be. Right now, only 7% of all… Read more »